United Health One Ohio’s Best Health Insurance Option

If you have lived your whole life in Ohio you may not know that Ohio is one of the most affordable states for health insurance. Not only does Ohio have great rates but it also has a great deal of health insurance providers. Sadly, United Health One is leaving the individual market in 2020. This means it will not sell Obamacare plans, but it will still offer short term coverage.

Ohio’s Best Health Insurance Companies

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield of Ohio has long been one of the most recognized providers. It is particularly popular in the Columbus, Ohio area as many businesses offer this coverage to their employees. On the individual level, it is a strong seller, but often Anthem BlueCross BlueShield of Ohio is reluctant to offer unlimited visits. Most plans have limited visits, like the Ohio Obamacare Plans which only have three visits per a year.

For the family who has moved to Ohio you may be used to spending 20-40% more for your health insurance. If money is not object then Blue Cross is always a good option in most states.

If you have a long history of being self employed and having to buy your own health insurance, then you certainly have shopped around at least a few times in your life. By now you have probably came to the final decision that United Health One is the best option for coverage.

United Health One is owned by United Healthcare who is the largest provider of medical coverage in the world. Personally, I think the best reason to buy United Health One is that they are in most states, so if you are traveling or you relocate you can keep your same plan. This is not the case with any Blue Cross Blue Shield. A second reason to buy UHC is that they have the least increases in premium. Companies like Cigna and BCBS often do a 15% rate increase after the first year. United usually only has a few % pts. You might also want to check out your plan if you ever want to get a korean plastic surgery as well.

Lastly, Aetna is another option for Ohio residents. If you have tailgated at one too many OSU football games and your height to weight is not the most favorable then Aetna may be an option for you. However, Aetna is keen to decline coverage if you have not had a physical within two years, so this can pose a problem to many overweight applicants.

Ohio Health Insurance Premiums

Between 2018 and 2020 Ohio health insurance premiums rose by about 15%. Over the last decade many Ohioans income only rose by 11%. Unless you were born and raised in Ohio and relocated to Canada, you probably already knew that, or could have come close to guessing!

Ohio Health Premiums:

  • Average group health insurance premium for Ohio family through their job climbed from $7,500 to $15,100. This is the total amount paid by both the employee and the employer.
  • During the same time Ohio employees earnings rose from $25K to about $28K, the $3K extra in earnings was only enough to cover half the increase in health premiums.
  • The United State average premium per a family was over $15,000. So Ohio is still offering more affordable health insurance coverage than most states.

Ohio Health Insurance Premiums vs New Health Insurance Quotes

Believe it or not, most Ohioans can actually get lower rates on health insurance by shopping for their own policy. Currently the Ohio health insurance companies are rewarding individuals and families by offering low introductory rates. Starting 01/01/2020 the insurance carriers will not be able to underwrite for health conditions, so now is the time for them to build a base of healthy members. It is not uncommon for an individual or family premium to be 25% less than a premium offered through a group or employer based health plan.