UnitedHealthCare Insurance Review

At a time when medical insurance is so important for your physical and financial well being I am thankful to have health insurance coverage with UnitedHealthcare (UHC).  This coverage is through a benefit package with JPMorgan Chase & Co. where my husband is employed.  We live in Ohio and the plan covers my husband, me, my son and daughter.  The company gives you the choice at the yearly enrollment between UHC and Cigna.  We have been using UHC for a few years now and have been satisfied with the plan’s overall policies and coverage.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. instituted a new plan that began in January 2020 that encourages you to take a more active role in following the guidelines.  Basically you are expected to take certain steps to maximize your benefits.  While I believe an attempt was made to clearly document the steps required to enjoy your benefits to the fullest, the the wording and information can be overwhelming and a bit daunting to follow. Experts from this site state that it is important to get adjustments every now and then, to have a healthy back and spine.

The plan is definitely following the trend that the healthier you and your family are the better your benefits will be.   It is expected that you should be a healthy weight and not smoke or your benefits may become limited or penalized in some way.  While I can see that the healthcare industry needs to protect themselves from paying out too many benefits for people who do not follow a healthy lifestyle,  it is also a bit alarming that somewhere down the line your benefits may become limited because of how much you weigh.  On the positive side the company is encouraging their policy holders to take control of their health and try to make healthy lifestyle decisions.  In fact, I am currently working on losing weight with the help of Diaetostat Erfahrungsbericht and also lowering my cholesterol and blood pressure so I will not have to get on any prescriptions to regulate my health.

UHC is a plan that is accepted by most physicians and hospitals in our area.  In my experience the medical staff is knowledgeable in handling the billing with this company and understands the companies policies regarding prescription plans.  Sometimes there is still some confusion regarding collecting co-plays with the office staff.  However, in the event that I over-pay or do not pay enough my account is credited or billed accordingly.Healthcare in the United States is a hot topic right now and the industry is going through many changes.  It is important for us stay educated on how the system works and how to correctly implement our health care plans so we can get the services we need to keep ourselves and our families healthy.  At times we need to be our own advocates when problems arise regarding health insurance premiums or denial of certain procedures.